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What does the site consist of?

The historic Grade II listed Meeting House, the Cottage, and the gardens and Burial Ground.  There is also the Anne Rommert hut used for smaller meetings and our children’s group.  The site is in a conservation area.

What support has this Quaker group got from other Quakers?

All Quaker meeting houses in London belong to Six Weeks Meeting, soon to be called the London Quaker Property Trust.  This organisation tries to share its income and capital equitably between meetings (local groups).  We have been well supported by this London organisation which has found £65,000 and given much good advice.  Unfortunately the need has now outstripped the funds available.  We have already spent or committed an extra £40,000 from our local group reserves (mostly legacies) in order to tackle immediate issues.  Of our £33,000 fundraising total we expect a significant further proportion to come from the meeting, and Quakers in other meetings.

If you are a Quaker we hope you can help.  If you are not but you also want to keep this beautiful historic building and grounds in its current use, please help as you can.

I notice you have had thefts and subsidence.  Have you received insurance funds for this?

Yes, where we can, we have claimed on insurance.

What has been done?

The works done so far include;

-there is subsidence in the Meeting House, the Cottage and the Burial Ground walls.  We are carrying out wall strengthening.  There is a risk of further subsidence in non-strengthened areas and also in the longer term underpinning might become necessary

-improving energy efficiency and water efficiency as part of our green credentials.

-replacing lead on the roof after five thefts and improved site security.  We are in discussions with heritage bodies and the Council about whether we should be forced to continue to use lead, which will again be stolen, even when marked according to best practice, and we are considering additional forms of security appropriate to a house of peace and prayer.

What needs to be done?

Overhaul and / or replace windows and doors and reduce the considerable heat that is lost through them – in consultation with the local Conservation Officer we will install double glazing, secondary glazing and draught proofing

Subsidence used up funds we had hoped to use on replacing rotten wood in doors and windows in both the Cottage and Meeting House and other weather damage and age.  Sorting the subsidence of course delayed these works and the wood has deteriorated further.

The burial ground and gardens need a safety review, in part to improve disabled access.  There are concerns about trip hazards on existing paths and the need for a new path, and concerns about the long term stability of parts of the walls.  We need professional advice about a long-term management plan and potential options to make better use of our grounds and gardens.

Are you approaching charities and other funding bodies?

Yes, but if you have any suggestions get in touch.

What will happen if you raise more than £33,000?

There are worse problems to have… but if we do manage to raise more funds than we instantly need, they will be held for the same purpose, that is, keeping the buildings and grounds safe, sustainable and welcoming.   We do anticipate more challenges for the buildings and site ahead and we will hold the funds, gratefully, to address those.

How can I help?

A direct donation please!

Come to our fundraising events and spread the word about our need and our events

We can consider gifts in kind; sponsorship from [some]  companies and local businesses;

If you need a venue, consider hiring the premises; if you already hire the premises consider spreading the word, letting your group/clients know about our needs, events and appeal.