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Quakers in Enfield and beyond

Winchmore Hill Quaker Meeting is one of around 400 Quaker groups across the country.   Most of us live in Enfield, or the nearby bits of Barnet and Herts, and we have links to
meetings across North London.  We seek to be a friendly and open spiritual community, which accepts everyone.  Like every Quaker community we accept a variety of views and backgrounds.   Most Quakers today were not brought up as Quakers but found it in later life, so we remember what it is like to be a newcomer.

What is Quaker worship like?

The centre of the Quaker meeting is our silent meeting for worship.  Without any special leaders, we sit and seek a stillness together.  Hard to describe, we enter into communion with each other, the world, and with the divine presence.  Sometimes out of this
silent unity comes a message – someone may speak, read, pray or even sing.   But there is no formal structure, the spirit guides us.  More about worship

What do Quakers believe and do?

Quakers have no statement of belief which everyone must  agree, we have a broad range of views about God and everything else, but we  experience our unity in our worship and our life together.

Quakers have been called ‘a spiritual path for our time’

An anthology of British Quaker experience  (Quaker Faith and Practice) is revised every generation, you can buy or borrow  a copy or read it online.

More about our beliefs in action



Learning and doing

Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre runs many interesting residential courses; other Quaker centres may do the same.  These cover everything from the basics of Quaker history, thinking and social witness, through insights from other faiths, to new developments in science, arts and modern life.

Quakers in London

This website offering a handy map to find meetings, and news
and events for Quakers across London.

We are in an area organisation with Quaker meetings in

Bunhill Fields (near City of London),   New Barnet Stoke Newington and Tottenham.