More about our beliefs in action


•             We try to  be an optimistic spiritual community in a divided and materialistic world.  We reject war and the threat of war.

•             Our worship is based on silence and stillness.  It speaks to many in a world overloaded with clamour.

•             We are  open to different spiritual insights.  We  draw on the strengths of our Christian roots while accepting many paths.  Listening, waiting, and trusting, we are connected with a divine which we understand in many different ways.

•             We share responsibility across the whole group, we don’t have professional spiritual leaders.

•             Our concern for equality led us to be pioneers in women’s rights to speak and  partake in public life.  We were campaigners against slavery; and now, we offer marriage to same sex couples.

•             In the  face of the environmental and economic crisis, we find the traditional Quaker emphasis on simple living comes into its own.   Peace, the environment, the economy, and relations between peoples and countries are all linked together.