Children and young people

Quakers want our children and young people to feel full members of our community. Children’s Meeting will be on the first Sunday of each month, except in August.   There is a bring and share lunch afterwards to which all are invited.

If you hope to bring children, please contact the clerks or email via this website, giving several days notice, and we will do our best to discuss your needs.

How it works when it works: children’s meeting tries to cover Quaker thinking and tradition and spiritual practice, the Christian tradition and other faiths, social concerns and our life together as a community.  Different Quakers take each class so there is a variety of approach.  We aim for a good  balance between listening, talking and doing and we try hard to be fun!

Two teenagers in the meeting strongly recommends the London Link Group, which brings young adult volunteers and teenagers together for day or weekend events.  Also Summer School and Senior Conference – week long residential events in the summer – Summer School is not a school and Senior Conference not a conference.

Second Sunday of the Month is Children’s Meeting at Tottenham Meeting, also followed by a shared lunch, and sometimes we go to our friends there: you would be welcome.

Quakerism offers spiritually searching people a chance for their children to explore for themselves, within a broad framework.  We hope that we provide a haven for those who
have no other spiritual home but want their children to get some lived-in sense
of the spiritual. has links to children’s work sites