The Bundle – an asylum seeker’s story

Saturday 12th May 7.30pm, Winchmore Hill Meeting House.

The Bundle jpeg


Free performance of The Bundle – an asylum seeker’s story performed by the Journeymen Theatre organised by Tottenham Quakers as part of their Sanctuary Meeting commitment.

This play is the story of one woman’s journey from persecution in her home country to the UK and then through the asylum system. Based closely on the story of a real woman and her children, the play moves from the tradition of the folk tale to that of satire as it charts one person’s bid for freedom, safety and hope.

There is no charge for this performance, although donations to organisations working with migrants will be welcome.  However, we are asking people to book for the play via Eventbrite  Further information can be found on the Eventbrite page or you can email info(at)

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Come to our art exhibition

Art exhibition poster

Saturday 14 & Sunday 15 April, 1-5pm

Paintings, drawings, photographs, weaving and mixed-media works will be on display. The work will be as varied as the individuals who make up the North London Area Meeting, but all inspired by Quaker experience, be it directly from the silence of meeting for worship or from wider aspects of life as a Quaker.

Come and enjoy the art, our beautiful 18th century Meeting House, tranquil garden, and a cup of tea and a cake.

Winchmore Hill Friends Meeting House, 59 Church Hill, Enfield, N21 1LE. Free entrance and refreshments.

Accessibility: The ground in the garden is uneven and can have unexpected holes. Wheelchair access to the building is good.

Enquiries to winchmorehillquakers(at)

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Art exhibition

Work is underway on an art exhibition on 14-15 April by members and attenders of North London Area Quaker Meeting. It will be held at Winchmore Hill Quaker Meeting House.  Do come in April and see how we have filled the frames and enjoy the lovely building, tranquil garden and tea and cakes.

The exhibits will be produced by North London Area Quakers.  This can be painting, drawing, photography, collage or just about anything. Work can reflect one’s thoughts, observations, insights and feelings of your Quaker life and/or your experience of Meeting.  The exhibition will be open to the general public. Members and attenders are encouraged to invite friends and family.

Closing date for entries is 7 April.  For further information please contact Mark Friend, mjcf1969(at)

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Benjamin Lay story in Hackney Citizen

The Benjamin Lay story has been covered here.

Annoying ableism.


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North London Quakers right a past wrong – look to present injustice

In an unusual move, North London Quakers formally expressed unity with a Quaker expelled from the movement three hundred years ago.

Benjamin Lay was disowned by Devonshire House Monthly Meeting, our predecessor body, for radical positions expressed in theatrical ways.  Lay opposed slavery and also supported gender equality and vegetarianism.  Quakers did not come down against their members owning slaves until 1727 and were absolute pioneers and the backbone of the national campaign against the slave trade in the 1770s.

The discussion aimed not just to redress a historical injustice but also asked us to consider how racial and other oppressions flourish, and what we do to address them.  The minute reads:

We have received a letter, from Tim Gee of Peckham Local Meeting, previously of Bunhill Fields Local Meeting, about a previous member of Devonshire House Monthly Meeting, Benjamin Lay, who was disassociated with the Monthly Meeting in 1790 due to his radical activism in attempts to teach his peers to recognize the equality before God of all people, regardless of race or gender.

Quakers are proud of the times in history we have been ahead of our time on progressive social issues – but preceding those moments, there have often been long periods when we have not walked the path we would later understand to be the just one. At a time when racism seems as present and ugly as ever – both globally and nationally – and the structures of white supremacy are being defended and strengthened by powerful forces in our societies, this seems a timely moment for North London Area Meeting to reflect on its involvement in the struggle for racial justice.

North London Area Meeting recognises Benjamin Lay’s dedication to equality – and his willingness to repeatedly speak his messages of Truth. We also recognise Benjamin Lay as being a Friend of the Truth – and as being in unity with the spirit of our Area Meeting.

We ask our Clerking team to write to Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, Abington Monthly Meeting and Southern East Anglia Area Meeting (successor to Colchester & Coggeshall Monthly Meeting) to clarify that Lay is in good standing with North London Area Meeting (successor to Devonshire House Monthly Meeting).

We encourage Tim Gee to write an article about this matter for the Friend.


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Tweet cheerfully all over the world

Winchmore Hill Quakers have launched our new twitter account.

Take heed, dear Friends, to the promptings of love and truth in your hearts. Trust them as the leadings of God whose light shows us our darkness and brings us to new life. (Winchmore Hill Quakers’ first tweet!)

With well over 30 million users of Facebook and over 20 million Twitter, (UK estimates) it makes sense for us to be on both.

This is not just about talking to other Quakers, but to be open, seen and findable.  Twitter has some very unfortunate aspects, but its not the job of the people of faith to retreat from difficulty.

It was interesting at the meeting of Churches Together in Palmers Green and Winchmore Hill yesterday, to find that only our neighbours in St Pauls are on Twitter, and Winchmore Hill URC ‘will be when we can find someone to do it’.


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Fourth Sunday Focus: Silence and Waiting

Anne McNeill led a Fourth Sunday Focus on Silence, Listening, and Waiting. This is a one hour session on a prepared topic. Anne chose to use a mixture of readings, silence, and discussion.

It was a deep and revealing discussion of spiritual practice. How do we reach down and find stillness among the distractions of our minds, our bodies, and those around us? We are not worshipping silence but using silence as a way to reach something within (which is also to many of us, something bigger than us as well. The fact we are working together towards that end is important. All of found distractions of various sorts an issue – the very calmness can encourage a ‘monkey mind’ of personal concerns. Different tools and approaches were discussed. Some worship (for example, before a march or other noisy event) can be surprisingly gathered. Although people came to Quakerism from different traditions and approaches, there was substantial common ground around our silent worship.

Future topics will include MInistry (being called to speak in meeting), being called to action, and other interesting sections of our handbook, Quaker Faith and Practice.

Fourth Sunday Focus is usually on the fourth Sunday of the month (not always as this month shows.)

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Quakerism: a faith for turbulent times

For Quaker Week 2017 Jon Martin from Quakers in Britain reflects on how the history of Quakerism means it has always been a faith for uncertain times.  You can read the blog article here.

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Tottenham Quaker Garden Party

The annual Tottenham Quaker Garden Party will be held on Sunday 10th September 2017 from 12.30pm until 4pm.

Join Tottenham Friends for a bring and share lunch, the famous Tottenham Cake (invented by a Quaker!), games and chat.

The address is :-

Friends Meeting House
594 High Road
N17 9TA

For further directions please look on their website.















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Times article about Quaker international peace work

Positive article in a national newspaper about Quaker international peace work.  You can access it here (hopefully The Times paywall has now lifted for this article).

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