Happy New Year

A belated Happy New Year from Winchmore Hill Quakers.

A fairly long and tedious journey to work today, but I am not moaning because I am alive, and the cause was ’someone under a train’.  This is nearly always a suicide.  Sitting here I am thinking of that person and what they went through, and whether those around them might have done anything, from the people they knew, to perhaps the people on the platform.  From that one act, some individuals will be profoundly harmed, many others saddened.  My own vile cough and hour delay getting to work is not, in the scheme of things, that big a deal.

Life is tough, often seems unrewarding, may sometimes seem pointless.  Maybe all there is can be summed as the physical pleasures and not caring too much.  It seems to me that life is a gift, that it has meaning, that even in the depths of depression beauty exists, that sometimes even the simplest extension of love or concern can heal, and that we have a choice, whether to seek only selfishness, whether to live as a cog, or whether to be part of the great tapestry of life.  Who knows whether this life is all we have but we should live both as if it is, and as if every moment of it is judged.

Enfield, London, the UK and the world face many difficult choices and some issues seem close to unsolvable.  But we do have choices, more than most generations in history, and we have the choice to try to make our lives speak.



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