Wishes and wills workshops


Two workshops are planned for those involved in Winchmore Hill and New Barnet Quaker meetings.  If there is interest and it seems appropriate, further workshops may be organised with a wider audience.

Advices and Queries:    29.   Approach old age with courage and hope.  As far as possible, make arrangements for your care in good time, so that an undue burden does not fall on others.   Although old age may bring increasing disability and loneliness, it can also bring serenity, detachment and wisdom.   Pray that in your final years you may be enabled to find new ways of receiving and reflecting God’s love.

30.  Are you able to contemplate your death and the death of those closest to you?   Accepting the fact of death, we are freed to live more fully.  In bereavement, give yourself time to grieve.  When others mourn, let your love embrace them.

“St. Augustine said: ‘Nothing is so certain as death, and nothing is so uncertain as the hour of death’ …Therefore nothing can be more necessary than that we should be ready at all times, and that we should know that we are, and not only hope so”.         Johann Tauler

Usually the topics of approaching old age and our own death come to mind in fragmentary thoughts and fleeting episodes of conversation and all too often that is where they remain.  We are therefore inviting Friends to join some meetings in which we can reflect on these things more deliberately and in a sustained way.

In planning Wishes & Wills we have been supported and inspired by the work of Southampton Friends who say of similar meetings:  “We appreciated the opportunity, and we found it was easier to reflect in this way in one another’s company rather than on our own, and we could learn from one another.”   Sue George (NB) and Dinah Barry (WH) Outline

Initially we are planning two sessions open to anyone from New Barnet or Winchmore Hill Meetings. Further sessions could follow if Friends think they would be useful.

Each session will begin by focussing on some written questions, which will be given in advance to those planning to attend.  We will ask Friends to consider these in preparation for each meeting and to let us know of others we should include.

The sessions will lead to swap-shops of more practical information about sources of practical help and ideas about coping.  We also hope to identify any resources that are needed but not known of.

The first session will be on approaching old age; coping with various aspects of getting older; the things we are glad to have outgrown and especially our ‘diminishments’ and difficulties.

The second session will be on preparing for our own death; the preparations we might make which would make it easier for those left behind.  We have all known bereavement and we understand how difficult it can be.  We will try to put ourselves on the other side and think how others would feel and what they would need to cope with.

Each session will start at 12.30pm and will end by 2.30pm.  We suggest bringing a snack lunch, drinks will be provided.

Dates: 20th October at Winchmore Hill    and   24th  November – venue to be confirmed.

If you want to know more or to participate please contact either Sue or Dinah.

• Any personal information discussed in the sessions will be kept confidential.

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