There are issues on which Quakers hold a wide range of views.  On war, we tend to have a very simple position, we are against it.  War and preparation for war is incompatible with the spirit of Christ.  But with the Holocaust, the possible invasion of the UK by the Nazis, and the use of weapons by a country against its own people, the pacifist position has its own price.

People of goodwill may take another view from Quakers.    The war in Syria has seen millions flee the country, the use of chemical weapons, (although far more people have suffered from old fashioned conventional bombs and bullets) and a situation evolve much more complex than ‘good guys’ and ‘bad guys’.

Now for the first time since 1782, the Government has lost a vote on a military action.  No-one has ‘won’.  Those who want to strive for the peaceable kingdom need to see how we can ally suffering and assist a just solution.  Most Quakers would say dropping bombs won’t achieve either.  Give to refugee charities and push for a diplomatic solution?  I feel no joy about any of the options in the face of such suffering.

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