Peace and Justice Pilgrimage update

An update about the Peace and Justice Pilgrimage, which  is currently walking from Iona to London to highlight UK Government plans to spend £100bn on Trident nuclear submarines while slashing vital public services
Beginning on Iona at Pentecost (Sunday May 19th), finishing in Trafalgar Square on Saturday 20th July, it is an act of witness
and communal celebration drawing strength and inspiration from
historic centres of prayer along the way.

We are reminded that the Pilgrimage is coming through our area on Thursday 18th / Friday 19th July when pilgrims are being hosted by New Barnet Friends.  On the Friday pilgrims will be travelling to 10 Downing Street to hand in a copy of the Pilgrimage Declaration.  In the afternoon there will be a reception for the pilgrims at Friends House.  On Saturday 20th July there will be an ecumenical service of thanksgiving at St Martin’s-in-the-Fields Church followed by a bring and share picnic lunch in Trafalgar Square.

For more information about these events please look at their website.

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