New Quakers and arts group launched

Quaker Arts  Network

 The Quaker Arts Network  (QAN) is an informal group of Friends which will be launched as a listed informal Group at Britain Yearly Meeting in May 2013. (Listed informal group means a group run in Quaker lines that isn’t ‘official’ but still recognised.)

To develop a community of Friends interested in the arts.

To encourage and support the use of arts for Quaker outreach and spiritual growth.

To provide a forum for Quakers to share insights about how the creative arts feeds into their spiritual well being.

To explore the expression of Quakerism through the arts.

To celebrate, publicise and document the diverse work of Quaker artists

All those in sympathy with our aims are welcome to join the network; you don’t need to be a practising artist or a member of Britain Yearly Meeting.  We organise occasional meetings and members are invited to join an email list which can be used to publicise initiatives, and events, etc. Email us at to join the mailing list, or write to the QAN Membership Secretary, at ‘Nettlebank’, Wootton Rivers, Marlborough, Wiltshire, SN8 4NQ, UK.

The QAN website will go live in early May and an art calender for 2014  “Inspired by Worship” will be launched at the end of May. It features artworks in different styles and media from the beginnings of Quakerism to the present day, depicting aspects of Quaker worship, and we hope it will be widely used for spiritual nurture and Quaker outreach. Any profits will help support the work of QAN.


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