Can Quakers become a mass movement?

An American Quaker asks some searching questions about whether Quakerism still has the potential to become the mass movement, that it last was 300 years ago?  Are there aspects of our religious tradition that actually bar the way for those who are seeking God?  Are there unquestioned habits and assumptions in our life as a community that keep others out?  Has preserving a set of cultural distinctives become more important than inviting our friends, neighbours and colleagues into the life of God’s kingdom?  You can access his article here.

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One Response to Can Quakers become a mass movement?

  1. Stephen says:

    I don’t think Quakerism is for everyone. I think it is one valid approach. Formal structured worship, and a more formal approach to doctrine, suit some people. what I do believe is that Quakerism should appeal to more people than it does, there is no reason why we should not have three or four times as many people.

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