Death of a Prime Minister

A shocking thing is to realise that for many people, Margaret Thatcher is already someone they are taught in distant history, not a figure from their own life.  Our first female Prime Minister had been very ill for a while and her death was not unexpected.

There will be much written or dug up from the files in the weeks ahead.  Much of the judgement of history can already be seen.  But she was a real person, with real family, friends and colleagues… she had been very frail for a while and perhaps she deserves in death not to be treated as the Spitting Image puppet.

The point I always return to, is that Mrs Thatcher’s election challenged the idea it did not matter who was elected.  she showed, as Tony Blair did, that an election could change the direction of a country.  She showed that politics and choices mattered.  Her prediction that there would be no female prime minister in her lifetime should keep us humble about predictions.


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