Money and Morality

Much has been made in the media of new Barclays Bank CEO Antony Jenkins’ aspiration to return to the ethical principles of the bank’s Quaker founders. We shall watch the bank’s progress with interest.

In the meantime there is a very interesting event entitled Money and Morality, organised by London Quakersat Friends House in Central London on Saturday 16th March.

The day is split into 2 parts. The morning (10:30 – 13:00)  has 3 speakers:

  • Changing our mindset about money – values, beliefs and assumptions – Judith Moran of Quaker Social Action
  • The Right Use of Money – Danielle Walker Palmour of the Friends Provident Foundation
  • Putting Money back in its box – Richard Murphy of Tax Research UK

The afternoon (14:00 – 17:00) is an opportunity to reflect more personally on issues raised in the morning’s ‘Money and Morality’ dialogue and to explore how money fits with your spiritual and other values.

The morning is free of charge and everyone is welcome but there is a charge  of £5 for materials for the afternoon. Places are limited for the afternoon event and you must register in advance. You can do so here.  You can obtain further information about the morning session here.

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