Living Wage campaign: action on John Lewis

This November,  John Lewis will decide the fate of the 3,000 cleaners currently excluded from the Partnership and struggling to get by on poverty wages with  none of the sick pay, pension or holiday entitlements afforded to Partners.

As part of a  review called ‘Who is a Partner?’, John Lewis could bring these staff  back into the Partnership and ensure they are treated fairly for the  hard work they do. For more info, see these articles in the Guardian and Independent.

Customers,  Partners, Cleaners and Citizens across the country have come together to try and encourage the Partnership to do the right thing and live up to  the values of the founder and the perception of the public – that John Lewis is a national leader in responsible  business.

 (Many Quaker meetings are involved in their local Citizens groups, a major campaign of which in London is the Living Wage.)
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