Purpose and ministry of our meeting and building

What is our Meeting’s ministry?

Friends felt providing a visible presence of our Quaker Life and Testimonies in this local area for worship and service is central and is the impetus for letting our lives speak, to bring us all to a spiritual home.

Does this building speak this ministry?

We are the inheritors of these beautiful and peaceful buildings, burial ground and gardens.  The walls have imbibed the spirit of past Friends.  Our building has been dedicated to Quaker worship, life and work for over 300 years.  Worshipping here strengthens us.

We recognise that as a Local Meeting we are not necessarily well placed geographically to uphold those who may not know of us or need us on their spiritual journey.  We see potential to consider this within the context of our Area Meeting.

We would want to be alive to fresh opportunities to fulfil our outreach hopes and possible potential.

Quaker Faith and Practice 10.05 “The purpose of all our ministry is to lead us and other people into closer communion with God and to enable us to carry out those tasks which the Spirit lays upon us.”   London Yearly Meeting 1986

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