Poem on fundraising appeal

“Winchmore Hill Quakers launch £33,000 appeal for historic meeting house and grounds”


Our Meeting House is built on clay,

The walls have cracked, we have to pay;

Five times the roof has lost its lead,

We need to find a plan instead;


Windows and doors have now gone rotten,

Our planet too is not forgotten,

Our welcome is warm but not carbon free

safe, green and friendly – that’s our plea.


A Georgian island in a sea of calm,

A place of peace and prayer and balm,

Where noble trees view ancient graves.

Here love moved us to free the slaves.


The rows of stones show faithful lives,

Luke Howard’s science named the skies,

Two schools were founded, that spared the rod,

For loving our neighbour is the breath of God.


In times of strife and times of need,

There is more to life than war and greed.

For some the beauty, for some the history,

Some moved by love, the greatest mystery…


The Quaker story – still long to run

There’s more to do and more to come

Come those of faith and those of none

Together we are not weak but strong!



PW Sept 2012



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