Olympic Prayer


At the start of the Olympic Games inLondonwe turn to God and one another in prayer for peace and co-operation between all peoples.

The Games include men and women of all nationalities and faiths. May we learn from them to create truly inclusive societies and countries.

The Games include people who have made the most of their special abilities through courage, stamina and skill, and people who have made the most of their lives with challenging disabilities through bravery, determination and skill. May we learn from them to include and appreciate the contribution to our world of every single person.

The Games draw hundreds of millions of people together to share and celebrate sport. May we learn from them to come together across the globe to share and celebrate knowledge, understanding, compassion and wisdom.

In this spirit we express our remorse for the hatred, prejudice and violence which often divides us. We mourn the eleven Israeli Olympians murdered at the Munich Games forty years ago. In so doing we express our sorrow for women, men and children of all peoples killed while pursuing the common dreams of all humanity for safety, equality, achievement and joy.

May these Olympic Games be blessed with peace and may they inspire us with the vision of a better world.


Senior Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg; NewNorth LondonSynagogue and The Assembly of Masorti Synagogues

Our aim is to receive from the past, to stand in the present and to transmit to the future.

Rabbi Jonathan is a key leader in North London Citizens and Citizens UK.

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