Some thoughts on clothing concern…

Winchmore Hill Quakers are developing a specific concern – a religiously tested campaign – on the exploitation of people and planet in the clothing industry.  This is currently being discussed in our Area organisation to see if they also feel called to support it.

There are a number of organisations investigating and publicising the policies and practices of various retailers.  We need to make ourselves and others aware of these and to act on them.

We believe that enough discernment has taken place amongst us to accept improving conditions for workers in the clothing industry, as a concern for our Meeting.  We believe this concern expresses our Testimonies.  We are all connected with all the people on our planet.  We want to demonstrate our concern for all involved in the production of what we consume.

Proposed action include more information about what we buy, direct lobbying of companies, political action, and spreading more information.

We know that the concern about slavery took and is taking generations to achieve.

We need to take the first steps in improving conditions for those working in the clothing industry.

As William Penn said, it is impiety for the well off to maintain their vanity in the face of the poor.

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2 Responses to Some thoughts on clothing concern…

  1. Thanks for posting this Stephen. I am aware that the meeting is exploring this as a concern. It just so happens I haven’t been at any of the meetings so far where it has come up!
    A couple of years ago I took on the ‘No New Clothes For A Year’ challeneg- something perhaps you do anyway! but for me it was a great way to encourage my creativity in making and altering clothes and I became even more adept at unearthing charity shop gems. And I still managed to pull off convincing business drag when required.

    Maybe more of us- or those we know- could be persuaded to do this?

  2. admin says:

    Charity shop hunting is a very good plan – if you are in the main range of sizes. Doesn’t work so well for large people. But we get given 3 large bin liners of unused or almost used children’s clothes a year – if L. is wearing designer that’s why.


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