The life in Winchmore Hill Quaker Meeting – some thoughts

Challenges for our Meeting in 2019  -   As I see it

(We are compiling our annual Life of the Meeting, a brief summary of how the truth prospers among us.  In considering this, Pamela wrote these notes.)

The successful outreach activities accomplished throughout this year presented us with challenges.

It became apparent that some people were either unaware of a worshipping Quaker presence in their area or that Quakers still lived in the past.  Misconceptions spread and can stop people from visiting us.

We have already discussed how we can make walking in from the gate to the door on a Sunday less challenging,  by having more folk around.

Open our doors for social meetings so that an understanding of who and what we stand for can be understood.

Improve our connection with other churches, for instance -

How do their members feel about our silent worship and belief that we do not need an intermediary to communicate directly with God.  That there isn’t any  heirarchy.   Might others see our way as a rejection of their way?   Does any of this prevent our union in spirit?

We have been made aware of the unacceptable pressure that our loyal admin. volunteers have been experiencing, whilst at the same time having to cope with the pressures of their own personal living.

Measures have already been taken to encourage others to play their part in upholding The Meeting and  so lessen the burden on others.

Whilst always holding fast to that which is precious, is it not our most important challenge to let go of that which can be laid down for the benefit of others’ welfare.  Tradition not being as important as People.

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