Fourth Sunday Focus: Silence and Waiting

Anne McNeill led a Fourth Sunday Focus on Silence, Listening, and Waiting. This is a one hour session on a prepared topic. Anne chose to use a mixture of readings, silence, and discussion.

It was a deep and revealing discussion of spiritual practice. How do we reach down and find stillness among the distractions of our minds, our bodies, and those around us? We are not worshipping silence but using silence as a way to reach something within (which is also to many of us, something bigger than us as well. The fact we are working together towards that end is important. All of found distractions of various sorts an issue – the very calmness can encourage a ‘monkey mind’ of personal concerns. Different tools and approaches were discussed. Some worship (for example, before a march or other noisy event) can be surprisingly gathered. Although people came to Quakerism from different traditions and approaches, there was substantial common ground around our silent worship.

Future topics will include MInistry (being called to speak in meeting), being called to action, and other interesting sections of our handbook, Quaker Faith and Practice.

Fourth Sunday Focus is usually on the fourth Sunday of the month (not always as this month shows.)

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