The Unseen March

Quaker Peace & Social Witness (QPSW) has launched its five-minute online film The Unseen March. It exposes the new tide of militarisation that has developed in Britain over the last six years.

Made by award-winning Speak-it films (Black GoldWhen China Met Africa), The Unseen March includes candid voices from the worlds of politics, education and entertainment. Perhaps the most powerful message comes from Ben Griffin, a former soldier and founder of Veterans for Peace UK. Ben says, “We’re told that ‘military ethos’ is about teamwork, discipline and duty. In reality it’s about obeying orders without question, removing the barrier to kill and creating a sense of loyalty to an institution, usually through the formation of a gang mentality”. Quakers from across Britain Yearly Meeting had already noticed increased militarisation creeping into classrooms and have taken steps to challenge it. The aim of the film is to kick-start a national conversation to challenge it.  To view the film and the accompany resources click here.

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