Open air worship: Sat 20th Sept 1.20-2pm Winchmore Hill Green

Quakers will hold an open air act of silent worship, on the Green, Winchmore Hill, on Saturday 20th September, from 1.20-2pm.   People of any faith or none are welcome to join us in reflection, praying and hoping for justice and peace across the world.

The act of worship starts our participation in Open City also known as Open House, when we open our beautiful building and grounds to hundreds of visitors.  This runs from 2-5pm Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st.  Entry to the meeting house and grounds is free, members of the meeting will be there to discuss the history and building, and refreshments are provided.

Quaker worship is based on silence.  We believe that in stillness, we gain communion with each other, and with something greater.  Out of that silence people may be moved to speak.  Quakers hold diverse beliefs about the spiritual but unite in finding inspiration and meaning through their communal life together.

This is the first open air meeting for worship we’ve held and we are considering further such worship as and when.


The Grade II listed historic Meeting House in Winchmore Hill serves Quakers across the whole borough of Enfield.  A number of famous people are buried in its grounds, including campaigners against slavery, the founders of schools and a prominent scientist.

Our group is an open spiritual community which welcomes everyone.  Our regular worship is 10.30 am on a Sunday and everyone is welcome.  We hold a variety of social and spiritual events, open to all.

Quakers have a centuries old witness to justice and peace.  This has included seeking to help victims of violence, but also to prevent conflict and the causes of conflict.  Currently nationally we are involved in campaigns identifying human rights abuses, protesting against the arms trade, seeking to scrap Trident, and highlighting the stories of those who opposed the brutality of the First World War.

September contains a number of important dates for peace, the 21st is National Peace Day; it starts a week of church prayer for peace in the Middle East; and the 26th Sept is the first international day for the abolition of nuclear weapons.  High profile conflicts in the Middle East should not stop us also thinking of the Ukraine, and Quaker groups trying to address numerous challenges in Africa.

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