Trident is a child’s security blanket

Excellent article on the website by British Quakers’ parliamentary engagement officer Jessica Metheringham on the illusory safety offered by Trident.  The article is in response to the recommendations of the cross-party Trident Commission that there is no credible alternative to Trident.

“What prevents countries from attacking one another is communication and mutual interest. Nation states don’t attack other states they trade with, or where they have close cultural ties. Building those links builds our national security. Furthermore, diplomacy and trade benefits the economy in a way that Trident cannot. In the face of cuts to the NHS, to education, to welfare, it is madness to spend money on a set of weapons which we all hope we would never need to use.

Politicians hang on to the notion of big weapons because they offer comfort. Trident is a child’s security blanket and the protection it offers is psychological. As a nation, we should act like adults and take responsibility for our national security through open and honest diplomacy.”

Read the article in full here.

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