Voting is sacred

We’ve had leaflets through the door, a very questionable poster from one party on the main road, and I saw our MP looking rather stressed on Green Lanes.

Many economists would have it there is no point in voting, since one vote is vanishingly unlikely to make any difference.  Indeed, they argue, it makes no sense for the electorate to be well informed, since the time taken to get well informed is utterly disproportionate to any benefit to the individual.

This is why economists need not to rule the world.  The Bible starts with a garden and ends with the New Jerusalem, a city, a complicated community.  William Penn said that the true measure of a Christian was their desire to mend the world… and that means taking a view on politics.

Being a democracy means not the chance to put an X every so often, but an understanding that the state exists for us and not vice versa.  Our government are our servants, and we must take responsibility.  The act of us coming together to argue, disagree, research, lobby and yes, vote, and maybe even campaign and stand, is a sacrament, a spiritual act binding us together and binding those with power to responsible and honest use of it.

Not voting as a personal choice is fine, but no one should pretend not voting shakes anyone.  If not voting changed anything, they would make it illegal.



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3 Responses to Voting is sacred

  1. Alastair Reid says:

    I once shared a house in Liverpool. My housemate was an anarchist and said that his vote would not have counted anyway and refused to vote. At the last minute we persuaded him to change his mind. Our local council seat was a draw and on the toss of a coin his favoured candidate got in. Voting always matters.

  2. stephen says:

    Most candidates I have voted for weren’t elected but it means I feel I can nag the ones that were elected if I want to!

  3. I like that last line – definitely true, if not voting or ruining your ballot changed anything they’d make it illegal.

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