What makes a good booksale?

There are some practical things, it not raining helps.  Our crack team of volunteers was better than ever and, working with the amazing Ollie and others from Amnesty, got the meeting house cleared and the room set up for Sunday worship early.

There were lots of great books, some marvellous cakes (I thought the cheese scones were particularly good….), and people came, whether local or the dealers.

On the simple financial side, we broke the record, although we had fewer books than last year.  (Less absolute rubbish?  Everything we had set out so everyone could find what they wanted?  Random?)

Thanks to all, who gave books, collected other people’s books, baked cakes, helped publicise, came and bought stuff, ran the show…  all those who weighed in to make it happen.

Sore feet now.

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2 Responses to What makes a good booksale?

  1. Elna Harris says:

    Well done, everyone! I am impressed. What a great team.

  2. Eril says:

    I was very glad to have been able to attend and see so many of you lovely people. I’m glad that you saw good profit. Eril Barnard

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