How did Friends fight Fascism?


How did Friends fight Fascism? A reading and Question &  Answer session on the moral dilemma of Conscientious Objectors during World War Two

Tuesday 25 March 2014, 6pm-8pm

Library, Friends House, 173 Euston Rd, London NW1 2BJ

What happens when a pacifist falls in love with a munitions worker? Set among Conscientious Objectors in London during World War Two, “Of Love and Other Wars” tells the story of two families, the Lambs and the Morningstars, and the choices they are forced to make in a country at war.

Sophie Hardach is a journalist and novelist living in London. “Of Love and Other Wars” is her second novel; her first  novel “The Registrar’s Manual for Detecting Forced Marriages” was listed as one of the Waterstones 11 best debuts of 2011. Her research for the book brought her into contact with Friends and Meetings all over the UK, encouraging her to bring the forgotten story of the World War Two Conscientious Objectors to a wider audience. She has a blog at She will be reading extracts from the novel and discussing the materials she utilised to research the topic on Conscientious Objectors in the Second World War.

6pm in the Library  for a 6.30pm start. To book a place click here  For all enquiries please contact Friends House Library / 020 7663 1135

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