The propaganda war will not be over by Christmas

I think we are in for a long bombardment about the First World War.

Today’s Telegraph for example praises the Paxman led documentary on the start of the war.  And it says the

“first episode, taken as a   whole, is measured and reverent rather than sneering, towards those who fought and fell.”  Thus neatly advancing the view that if you have reservations about the war, the propaganda, the slaughter, and in particular the very obvious uses to which some people wish to put the centenary – you are sneering at the fallen.

Even such an obviously farcial, non historic, satirical, its not real everyone programme as Blackadder doesn’t sneer at the dead.  Oh What a Lovely War doesn’t sneer at the dead.

I think it has been a very long time since I met anyone who sneered at the fallen.  Most pacifists see those who died as having followed a sense of duty.  Actually the death rate among officers was at least as high as among the other troops.

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